Treat EVERYONE with respect


Such a straightforward statement.  Who would disagree? If so why do so many business owners and representatives ignore this concept?

In our Redlands CPA firm we get calls and emails from all types of sources.  Current clients, potential clients and potential employees, sales solicitations, individuals supporting local charities throughout the Inland Empire and beyond contact us via phone, email or our website. I am going to carve out spam emails from the following statement only because responding to spam email has computer virus implications, but everyone deserves a response.

Treating everyone with respect is the right thing to do.  Someone from our firm always responds to anyone who provides us a resume to thank them and let them know where things stand.  I am especially amazed at how young people who are new to the professional job market are treated and have my own story to tell.

When I was a junior in college, I applied for a marketing internship with Savin Copier Company in Los Angeles.  I was excited to earn an interview. I dressed in my best (and only) suit, arrived early for the interview and thought everything went well.  I waited for word if I received the position.  When I didn’t hear anything for about a week, I left a phone message for my contact at the company.  That was over 30 years ago and I am still waiting for a response.  I guess I didn’t get the job.  What I will say is that I will NEVER do business with Savin Copier Company. Moral to the story is that you never know how you treat people today will come around for you and your business later.

We can’t hire everyone, we can’t do business with everyone and we can’t support every charity that contacts our business.  We can make sure they know why or where they stand and do it with appreciation for their effort.  To do so both in your business life and your personal life will make your Life Less Taxing.