Welcome to Life Less Taxing

Want to know the best part of working at our CPA firm. Picture a client coming in to our office worried about their business, taxes or finances. We talk and work through their concerns and struggles. As we talk, you can see the concerns evaporate. When the client leaves the office, they are smiling and the grey clouds hanging over them have been lifted.

When you think of a CPA firm, you probably are thinking of someone who does your taxes or business accounting. Those services are often the end product of our work. Here’s the deeper part of what we do. We take financial information which is often like a foreign language to people. We interpret that information and translate it back to our clients in plain English.

When we explain the complexity of taxes, business finances or personal finances to our clients in a way they can understand, we have really performed the service truly needed by our clients. We cannot perform that service without building trust and rapport. We understand that when clients hand over their confidential financial information to us they do so because they trust us and believe that that we will provide value for the fees we charge.

The truth is that our role is to create peace of mind. Getting your taxes filed or running a business successfully is stressful. If we have not done something to relieve that stress, we are not doing our job.

I really like Life Less Taxing for the name of this blog because it fits so nicely with what we hope to accomplish for our clients and friends. I will be providing you some ideas to save you money and taxes. Also, I hope to be able to relieve some of that stress caused by the topic. We’ll have some fun and I hope to make you laugh as well (if there is such a thing as accountant humor!).

Thanks for reading and I am looking forward to sharing some ideas with you in the weeks again.