The internal negotiation

Some decisions you make are easy….some decisions you make are hard.  I found myself recently in an internal negotiation over a decision I had to make.


In our Redlands CPA firm my staff and I utilize our experience for the tax consulting and tax preparation services we provide.  We make decisions we feel are in the best interest of our clients and within the law when we advise on how to save taxes or properly report items on tax forms.  Those decisions are made with “our head”.  In business our head can take the lead in almost all decisions we make. Our heart can and should also play into the decision process at times.

In life other “interested parties” may have to come to the table and be part of an internal negotiation.  Along with your head (“It makes sense or does not make sense to do this”), your heart (“I feel it’s the right thing to do or not”), your faith (“God wants me to do this or not”) and your health (“My physical well being allows me or does not allow me to do this”) all may have a say in your decision.

I want to be a professional hockey player for the Los Angeles Kings.  Here’s how my internal negotiation would work.

My head says “Although the money would be good, your CPA firm provides you a great living and lifestyle.  Travel with an NHL team would take you away from your family, church and all the things you love. I say no.”

My heart says “You love the team and the sport.  You can lift the Stanley Cup if the team’s success continues with your help. I say yes and Go Kings!”

God says to me “Faith in your favorite sports team is good but it does not support your ministry on this earth.  I have to say no on this one.”

My health says “ARE YOU KIDDING?  You are too old and the risk of injury to me is huge.  I SAY NO NO NO!”

Hence as a result of this internal negotiation..I do not play for the Los Angeles Kings.  My heart does want the team to still call if they need me!

In business it may be OK to let your head rule most of the time, but in life recognize all parties at the table of your internal negotiation and you will have a Life Less Taxing.