Shouldn’t work be fun?

Want to know what life is like in our CPA firm during tax season…’s fun!


You may think that I’ve lost my marbles. How could long days with intense deadline pressure be fun?

The answer is two-fold. The first part of the answer is being around people you enjoy. I would stack our Redlands CPA firm staff up against any business in town. Each of our accountants, client administrators and student interns have personalities that meld well together within in the office and with our clients. I appreciate their energy, enthusiam and sense of humor. When you spend so many hours together, why not spend them with people you enjoy being with?

The second part of the answer is having a sense of accomplishment at work. The technical element of what we do can be challenging at times? As much as we try to help clients through the year with tax planning, sometimes we have to deliver bad news. Our job is to take our client’s taxes and finances from uncertainty to certainty.The truth is that the appreciation our staff receives from clients for walking them down that path is why we do what we do.

Does your job provide you that kind of satisfaction? What small steps can you make in your career or job to make it more enjoyable? If you can’t get there in your current position, maybe a change is in order. For as much time as we spend working, it makes sense to make those hours as enjoyable and satisfying as you can.  That will make your work and your Life Less Taxing.