Leave nothing on the table

The first day of a new year is known for resolutions….what about inspirations?


Ever heard of the phrase “leave nothing on the table“?    The idea is that if you give each day everything you have to give, you will go to sleep each night with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Does your job provide you enough challenge and satisfaction?  Are you giving enough attention to your family, friends and community?  Are you exercising hard enough and eating well enough to keep your body in optimal health?

2014 is a new year and a great opportunity to answer these questions for yourself.  Don’t make resolutions….like diets they are by nature subject to failure.  Make subtle or if necessary broader changes in your life that can answer the above questions yes!  By leaving nothing on the table you will find your Life Less Taxing.

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Have a happy and prosperous new year!