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Who ya going to call….

Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to do those things that you don’t like to do? Let me take the question up another

Time Waits for No One

This Rolling Stones song title rings true. Time continues to move and there’s no slowing it down.  At the end of each day, have you

Help for a complicated life

Life is complicated. Not very profound we’re only part to blame. What makes our life more complicated are those outside factors that want a piece

Welcome to Dallyland

Most everyone knows the story of Peter Pan originally written by Scottish novelist J.M. Barrie and made famous by Disney and stage productions.  Peter Pan

Springing into Fall Cleaning

Over years we accumulate alot of stuff. Sometimes it’s hard to find the things we need because all the other things we have are in

Why taxes are so complicated

Income taxes have been around since 1862 when the US Government needed funds to finance the Civil War. Tax rate then was 3% for earnings

Welcome to Life Less Taxing

Want to know the best part of working at our CPA firm. Picture a client coming in to our office worried about their business, taxes

Cool name for my blog needed

I’m looking for suggestions for a “cool” name for my blog offering tax and money savings ideas. Trying to make life less taxing for anyone