David Raff, CPA

Customer service lacking at the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service has described their desire to provide “good customer service” to taxpayers.  I can honestly say that in the almost 24 year existence

How long to keep tax records?

Do you feel that you have more records at your home and office than the National Archive? The question of how long records need to be

Great Business Ideas

For a short period of time in 2010-2011 I was getting restless. Our Redlands CPA firm business was going very well but I was craving the

Shouldn’t work be fun?

Want to know what life is like in our CPA firm during tax season…..it’s fun! You may think that I’ve lost my marbles. How could

Are people more intense these days?

Just an observation, but are people more intense these days? Look at our Federal government. Is it necessary that our political leaders in Washington dig

Technology tips for the New Year

Ever wonder if our lives would be better if we didn’t have all the smartphones, tablets and computers we do? Ever feel like this guy?

Thanks for family

Now that the last remnants of Thanksgiving leftovers are disposed of and my clothes not quite as tight from overeating, I took a moment to

Do What Counts!

I have been converted! No…I am not referring to my religious beliefs. I no longer feel validation or importance by having a long to do

Who ya going to call….

Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to do those things that you don’t like to do? Let me take the question up another